Tag known build and test failures in DataWarehouse

This project aims to automatically triage common pipeline failures. Using simple checks and regexes, datawarehouse-triager is able to report failures on the Datawarehouse.

There are 8 filters available, and they can be grouped in 4 categories.

Filters for log files:

  • text_match
  • file_name_match

Filters for test and results. If testresult_name_match != ".*" it will match only testresults, otherwise, testresult_name_match == ".*" will match both testresults and all other objects. An empty testresult_name_match is equivalent to .*.

  • test_name_match
  • testresult_name_match

Filter for build:

  • architecture_match
  • kpet_tree_name_match
  • package_name_match: This is the single filter using exact match

Filter for checkout:

  • tree_match


Environment variable Description
CKI_DEPLOYMENT_ENVIRONMENT Define the deployment environment (production/staging)
DATAWAREHOUSE_TOKEN_TRIAGER Token for Datawarehouse authentication.
DATAWAREHOUSE_EXCHANGE_TRIAGER Exchange where Datawarehouse publishes objects to triage.
DATAWAREHOUSE_QUEUE_TRIAGER Queue to use for binding to Datawarehouse exchange.


On staging developments (CKI_DEPLOYMENT_ENVIRONMENT != production), the issues found are not sent to Datawarehouse.