CKI operations handbook

Procedures for running and fixing the CKI setup

Celebrating success

How to celebrate a success from IRC

Create diagrams

How to add or modify diagrams

Creating new repositories

Want to create a new repo? Start here.

Debugging a failing GitLab pipeline job

How to allow a kernel developer to investigate from the inside why a GitLab pipeline job failed

Debugging DataWarehouse triager and issue regexes

How to investigate why a certain test was not triaged in DataWarehouse

Migrating to a new cluster

How to migrate the CKI microservices to a new Kubernetes cluster

Fixing a missing brew build

How to investigate a report of a missing brew build

Fixing missing OSCI results

How to investigate a report of a missing OSCI results

Adding a new gitlab-runner configuration

How to create a new gitlab-runner configuration and attach it to the correct projects

Adding a new Kubernetes deployment context

How to enable Kubernetes deployments to a new cluster and/or namespace in deployment-all

PSI escalation procedure

How to escalate PSI infrastructure problems

Renew expired UMB certificates

How to renew the certificates used to authenticate against shared services, such as UMB.

Retriggering an MR pipeline

How to get the bot to trigger a pipeline for a revision from an MR

Shutting down CKI

How to communicate a planned or unplanned shutdown of kernel testing

Triggering test pipelines using the CKI bot

Features and details of CKI bot configuration

Investigating UMB problems

How to investigate problems with interfacing to the Red Hat Universal Message Bus

Updating cross-compilers

How to update the cross-compiler packages

Working with Kubernetes

How to access and work with production environments based on Kuberenetes

Zstreaming a kernel release

Steps to do when a kernel stream is to be released.

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