Retriggering an MR pipeline

How to get the bot to trigger a pipeline for a revision from an MR


You want to trigger a pipeline via the bot for a specific revision from an MR pipeline. As an example, kernel-tests!802 needs to be tested against the builds from cki-internal-contributors pipeline 309536375.


  1. Determine the branch in the pipeline repository that was used for the pipeline from the pipeline overview page. For the pipeline above, that is rhel8.

  2. From the external-triggers pipelines, filter for the same branch name and select a suitable baseline pipeline. For the pipeline above, external-triggers pipeline 300641680 seems like a good match.

  3. Open the trigger variables of the pipeline. For that, select any job of the original pipeline, and click on the “Variables API URL” at the top of the console output. Copy the git_url and commit_hash variable values.

  4. Ask the bot to trigger a pipeline with those values via

    @cki-ci-bot, please test

    Add more variables as needed, e.g. skip_beaker or tests_regex.

    The tests_only variable needs to be set to false to rebuild the revision from the provided git_url and commit_hash. Otherwise, the bot would use the artifacts from the original pipeline.

Additional steps to reuse the artifacts

  1. From the original pipeline, select all the publish jobs one-by-one and copy the job API URLs from the top of the console output. For each, append /artifacts and add the following skip_* and ARTIFACT_URL_* variables to the bot:

Last modified August 27, 2021: Mention kpet domains can be matched by names (9532564)