Kernel Features and Matching Tests

Process to ensure all kernel features include matching tests

To ensure there is no breakage, every kernel feature should have a mapping testcase. CKI can trigger targeted testing against MRs and builds. Bugzilla keywords are used to track test coverage. Bugzilla assignees can assign the following test coverage keywords for bugs which contain the FutureFeature keyword.


  • See Contributing Tests for steps to onboard a new testcase to CKI.
  • If the TestCaseNeeded keyword is added, please include the suggested test steps in a Bugzilla comment. It is possible that an existing test can be updated to verify this feature or target additional hardware.
  • If the OtherQA keyword is added, please ping the partner to check if test coverage can be added to verify the feature. It is not required to add TestCase[Not]Needed keywords in this case.


  • If the TestCaseNotNeeded keyword is added, please add the justification in a Bugzilla comment


  • An existing test case exists, please add a Bugzilla comment with a link if the test source is public