LTP update procedure for internal builds

We update LTP for internal builds every three months to align with the frequency of LTP release. To update it, we internally follow these steps:

  • Create a branch on your fork of kernel-tests (create a fork if you don’t have one already).

  • Copy RHELKT1LITE.YYYYMMDD file (e.g. RHELKT1LITE.20210524) from internal configs to dir distribution/ltp/lite/configs.

  • Update file distribution/ltp/lite/ to use RHELKT1LITE.YYYYMMDD.

  • Update dci/*.xml to use YYYYMMDD, e.g.

    <dependency url=""/>
  • Push the branch with your changes with comment Update LTP Stable to YYYYMMDD.

  • File an MR to repo kernel-tests.

  • Test your branch via cki-ci-bot in your MR.