LTP update procedure

Instead of using upstream’s LTP directly, we have our own copy of LTP for a commit we trust. This is to avoid that breakage in LTP’s master branch can make our test suites less stable. But this also means that we need to periodically update this commit so we can pull in recent fixes and updated tests from LTP repository.

To update our copy of LTP, we internally follow these steps:

  • Create a branch on your fork of kernel-tests (create a fork if you don’t have one already).

  • Look for a recent commit in the upstream LTP repo that passes all Travis checks and update the commit hash in the git checkout command in (global variable LTP_REPO_COMMIT_ID) to use that commit.

  • If there are any known issues that are reportedly now fixed (e.g. tests that now can run because they have been improved, or because kernel bugs have been fixed), drop them from

  • Push the branch with your changes with comment Update LTP to a recent commit.

  • File an MR to repo kernel-tests.

  • Test your branch via cki-ci-bot in your MR, e.g.

    @cki-ci-bot, please test [skip_beaker=false][baseline/upstream-stable][tests_regex=.*LTP.*]
Last modified July 7, 2022: Update the path of upstream ltp test (84c0579)