Posts in 2021
  • Advancing CI system cooperation with KernelCI

    2021.07.07 in Dev Blog

    In 2019 CKI Project held a hackfest inviting all maintainers of CI systems for the Linux Kernel for discussion and cooperation. The hackfest went well, and among other things we agreed that parsing all the different report e-mails, navigating the …

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Posts in 2020
  • Building multi-arch images

    2020.09.08 in Dev Blog

    In the last post, we succeeded in building foreign arch images via qemu. As each architecture gets its own tag, it becomes a bit cumbersome to use them across architectures. Luckily, buildah supports multi-arch manifests which allow the client to …

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  • Building foreign-arch images

    2020.09.07 in Dev Blog

    The CKI pipeline is powered by the internal PSI OpenShift cluster running on x86_64 machines. For compiling kernels on x86_64, the native compiler toolchain is used. For all other architectures, the kernel is cross-compiled. While this setup is …

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