Cron jobs

Various little pieces of code that have to be run regularly

The cron jobs are configured by the scheduler. They can either run as a GitLab CI/CD schedule or a Kubernetes CronJob.

datawarehouse-backupBackup the Data Warehouse database
datawarehouse-report-crawlerSubmit all sent reports from the mailing list to the Data Warehouse
git-cache-updaterProvide copies of git repositories via an S3 bucket
lookaside-kernel-configsGet newest stable Fedora kernel configuration files to use for upstream kernel builds
lookaside-kernel-fixesCreate a kernel-fixes.json file as required by the pipeline
lookaside-staticSync the lookaside git repository to an S3 bucket
orphan-hunterCheck whether the GitLab jobs for Pods spawned by gitlab-runner are still running
patchlab-backupBackup the PatchLab instance