Updating y-stream composes

How to update y-zstream composes


CKI uses manually selected nightly composes when testing patches or builds for y-stream kernels. These composes are periodically removed from Beaker. In general, composes in kpet-db are updated once per week. This update process is needed to make sure no new issues are introduced, or at least add those new issues as known issues to DataWarehouse so they don’t block builds/MRs.


  1. Search in Beaker for the latest y-stream compose for the major release. Example for rhel8 (currently the y-stream builds are based on RHEL-8.6):

    bkr distros-list --name=RHEL-8.6% --limit=1 --tag CTS_NIGHTLY
  2. Find the corresponding BUILDROOT.

    curl -s \
      "https://cts.engineering.redhat.com/api/1/composes/${nightly_compose}" | \
      jq -r .children[] | grep BUILDROOT
  3. Update the values in the kpet-db tree file, in this case, tree/rhel8.z.

  4. Create a merge request for the kpet-db repository.

  5. Trigger the CKI CI bot.

    @cki-ci-bot, please test [skip_beaker=false] [baseline/rhel8] [skip_results=true]
    > **NOTE:** `skip_results=true` is used as this pipeline doesn't publish
    results to [DataWarehouse].
  6. Check the test executions. If there are new non-blocking failures, they should be added to the DataWarehouse with a proper ticket to track them. For blocking failures, a ServiceNow ticket for the Beaker team has to be filed. The current compose needs to be kept until a new compose is available where those failures are resolved.

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