Fixing missing OSCI results

How to investigate a report of a missing OSCI results


You get a report of missing OSCI results, e.g.

Any idea why CKI results don't appear on OSCI dashboard?


  1. From the OSCI dashboard, determine the Brew taskID.

  2. Check the brew trigger logs in Grafana via {deployment="brew-trigger"} |= "12345". Change the filter expression to a suitable part of the time stamp to see the context of the messages and whether a pipeline was actually triggered and or any errors occurred.

  3. Check the pipeline URL obtained from the logs for any problems.

  4. Check whether osci is included in the report_types trigger variable. This can be either done from the commit message or via the Variables API link included in the job output.

  5. Check the UMB messenger logs in Grafana for messages related to the pipeline ID via {deployment="umb-messenger"} |= "12345". If there are any error messages, continue with investigating UMB problems.

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