Updating pipeline images

How to update the container images used in the pipeline

The pipeline uses container images with date-based tags.

To release a container image, create and push a new tag via

git tag 20191031.0
git push origin 20191031.0

It is also possible to create tags in GitLab’s interface via RepositoryTagsNew tag.

All tags must be in the YYYYMMDD.release format. For example the first release on October 31, 2019 would be: 20191031.1. If a new release is needed on the same day, increment the release number by one to make 20191031.2.

Once the CI pipelines are finished, the container images should be visible in GitLab’s container repository. Verify that by clicking Packages and then Container Registry.

To deploy new container images in the pipeline, create a merge request in pipeline-definition:

  • change the {image_tag} and {builder_image_tag} variables in pipeline/variables.yml and .gitlab-ci.yml
  • add a comment to the merge request that contains: @cki-ci-bot test
  • wait for the pipelines to finish
  • verify everything is correct
  • request a review of the merge request
Last modified June 3, 2022: Create SOP for updating pipeline images (b7f8f4c)