PSI escalation procedure

How to escalate PSI infrastructure problems


When PSI infrastructure fails, problems should be escalated in a structured way.


  1. File a SNOW ticket:

    • Search for ‘PnT report an issue’
    • Impact: 3 - Affects multiple teams
    • Urgency: 2 - No workaround; blocks business-critical processes
    • Application: DevOps - PSI-OCP (or correct application)
    • Support group: Openshift PNT (or correct group)
  2. If after an hour, no response on SNOW ticket

This flow should only be used for real problems and not one-off failures. A good time frame is to verify that a problem is occurring consistently for ~15mins (and verify it’s really caused by PSI OpenShift) before submitting the initial ticket/pinging people on the Google Chat channel.

Make sure to also add the outage to the outage spreadsheet.