Test Failure Notifications

How to be notified about a test failure.

Test Failure Notifications (only applies to upstream builds)

Test Maintainers: If you maintain a test enabled in CKI pipeline, failures will automatically be emailed to you.

Non Test Maintainers: If you are interested in monitoring failures, you are welcome to subscribe to skt-results-master@ and filter on test failures, by filtering on either ‘Tests: FAILED’ or Tests: PANICKED’ within the body of the email.

Waiting for review: Many of the test failure notifications are held for review before releasing the reports to the internal/external kernel mailing lists. This way it gives the test maintainers a time period to triage/review the failure in case it’s an infra/test issue. If a kernel bug is found, please reply all with your finding so we can release the report. Otherwise the report will never be sent. We are hoping to remove this stage soon, once as we improve the way we report and mask known failures.

Last modified October 7, 2022: Document artifact storage (b3c3b24)