01 Oct 2019, 00:00

Plumbers and CKI hackfest highlights
This September, the CKI team got together for Linux Plumbers. There were a lot of great discussions and we couldn’t take part of every single one, but here are some highlights from the conference mainly related to CI, workflows and testing! Plumbers discussions Laura Abbott led the distribution kernel microconference. The main goal was to discuss common problems arising from maintaining a non-mainline kernel, whether it comes to keeping in sync with bugfixes, packaging or testing. Read more »

10 Jul 2019, 00:00

CKI hackfest agenda for Plumbers
Following the hackfest invite from the previous post, we’re here with more detailed information! Schedule September 12: Time slot Topic 09:30-10:00 Breakfast (provided) 10:00-10:30 Introductions 10:30-11:00 Test data standardization 11:10-12:00 Common place for upstream results 12:10-13:30 How to avoid effort duplication 13:30-14:30 Lunch break (not provided) 14:30-16:00 Open testing philosophy 16:10-17:00 Common hardware pools September 13: Read more »

27 May 2019, 00:00

CKI pipeline under the hood part 2: Don't reinvent the wheel
Now that we know what to test, we need to figure out how to do it. To reiterate, the base stages we need are: Apply the patch(es) to the git tree Build the kernel Test the kernel Profit (send the report) As we discussed in the previous post, not all steps are relevant to all types of testing. When the project started we used Jenkins to execute the stages. Read more »

08 Apr 2019, 00:00

CKI pipeline under the hood part 1: Figuring out what to test
So we want to test the kernel, great idea! But what does it mean? Manually watch a random git tree, build it and submit a test job? Git is a great tool but it’s not exactly known for sending you notifications on updates. And what about testing completed builds from build systems like koji or COPR? Or if the developers come and want you to test their patches from Patchwork? It’s easy to get lost, and we haven’t even started talking about the actual test pipeline. Read more »

01 Apr 2019, 00:00

CKI updates and news
It’s been a while since the initial introduction of how and what we do and things have since changed. Let’s cover the high-level changes first, and then get into full technical details of our current setup in another post(s)! First, let’s get the most important change out of the way: we are slowly migrating to GitLab! There’s still some code living in the old GitHub location which will stay there for a while. Read more »

04 Jan 2019, 00:00

Join us at Devconf.cz in Brno!
The CKI team will be together in Brno later this week for Devconf.cz and team meetings. We have a talk on Friday afternoon called “Cookies for Kernel Developers” and we hope to see you there! Our talk covers the origin of the project, where we are today, and where we want to be in the future. We want more kernel developers and testers to be involved as well. There will be plenty of information about all of that in the talk. Read more »

08 Nov 2018, 14:53

Hello from the CKI Project team!

The mission of the Continuous Kernel Integration (CKI) Project is to find bugs in kernel patches before they are commited to an upstram kernel tree. We are team of kernel developers, kernel testers, and automation engineers.

We want to make each kernel maintainer’s job a little bit easier by providing automated feedback on patchsets proposed for the Linux kernel. In addition, we want to make it easier for new kernel developers to contribute and get testing feedback for their patches as well.

Read more »