Update the y-stream composes for trees in kpet-db


usage: python3 -m cki_tools.update_ystream_composes [-h]
    [--config CONFIG] [--config-path CONFIG_PATH]

Output the patch that would be needed to update y-stream trees in kpet-db

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --config CONFIG       YAML y-stream composes configuration file to use
  --config-path CONFIG_PATH
                        Path to YAML y-stream composes configuration file

Configuration via environment variables

The following variables need to be defined:

Name Type Secret Required Description
YSTREAM_COMPOSES_CONFIG yaml no no Configuration in YAML. If not present, falls back to YSTREAM_COMPOSES_CONFIG_PATH
YSTREAM_COMPOSES_CONFIG_PATH path no no Path to the configuration YAML file
CTS_URL url no yes URL of the compose tracking service
CKI_DEPLOYMENT_ENVIRONMENT string no no Define the deployment environment (production/staging)
CKI_LOGGING_LEVEL string no no logging level for CKI modules, defaults to WARN; to get meaningful output on the command line, set to INFO
SENTRY_DSN url yes no Sentry DSN
$ python3 -m cki_tools.update_ystream_composes --config-path ystream_composes.yaml
--- trees/rhel9.j2
+++ trees/rhel9.j2
@@ -1,5 +1,5 @@
-{% set distro_name = "RHEL-9.4.0-20231008.18" %}
-{% set buildroot_name = "BUILDROOT-9.4.0-RHEL-9-20231008.22" %}
+{% set distro_name = "RHEL-9.4.0-20231016.19" %}
+{% set buildroot_name = "BUILDROOT-9.4.0-RHEL-9-20231016.25" %}
 {% set distro_requires %}
   <variant op="=" value="BaseOS"/>
   <distro_family op="=" value="RedHatEnterpriseLinux9"/>