Updating y-stream composes

How to update y-zstream composes


CKI uses a cron job to create an MR to update the nightly composes used when testing MRs or builds for y-stream kernels. These composes are periodically removed from Beaker. The cron job runs once per week (Sunday). This update process is needed to make sure no new issues are introduced in the compose that would block builds/MRs. Therefore, new non-critical failures should be added as known issues to DataWarehouse.

Steps to review the automated MR

  1. Make sure the pipeline passed the check-kernel-results job.

  2. Unfortunately, even if it passes the check-kernel-results job, doesn’t mean there is no problem. Any test that reports ERROR or MISS will not fail the check-kernel-results job.

    1. Look at each and every test job and make sure all tests ran and didn’t finish with ERROR (FAIL is fine).

    2. If there was some critical problem (like it was not possible to provision the compose), a ServiceNow ticket for the Beaker team has to be filed. The current compose needs to be kept until a new compose is available where these failures are resolved.

    3. If there are new non-critical failures, they should be added to the DataWarehouse with a proper ticket to track them. After creating the regex wait 30 minutes for the triaging to finish. Re-run the check-kernel-results, which should pass now.

  3. If everything looks good, approve the MR and merge it.

y-stream compose configuration

  1. To update how the automation selects the y-stream compose, update the ystream_composes.yaml configuration file in kpet-db.