Enabling scratch build testing

How to enable Koji/Brew scratch build testing for a new RHEL major version


Testing of Koji/Brew scratch builds is handled by several different pieces across CKI.


  1. Find the relevant trigger configuration in brew.yaml in the pipeline-data repository.

  2. Enable scratch build testing by adding .test_scratch: 'true'.

  3. Add a suitable RPM release filter like rpm_release: 'el9.*\.test\.cki\.' for RHEL 9.


Scratch build testing is triggered by koji-trigger based on the .test_scratch key. Whether a CKI pipeline should be triggered for a specific build is configured via the rpm_release regular expression.

The test set selection defaults to the set configured via the test_set trigger variable in brew.yaml in the internal pipeline-data repository.

For custom test set selection, the KERNEL_RELEASE parsing happens in the setup stage.