Trigger CKI pipelines for kernels from git repos


usage: python3 -m cki.cki_tools.gitrepo_trigger [-h] [--gitlab-url GITLAB_URL]
                       [--config CONFIG] [--config-path CONFIG_PATH]

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --gitlab-url GITLAB_URL
                        GitLab URL
  --config CONFIG       YAML configuration file to use
  --config-path CONFIG_PATH
                        Path to YAML configuration file

Running as a cron job

python -m cki_tools.gitrepo_trigger

Configuration via environment variables

The following variables need to be defined:

Name Type Secret Required Description
GITREPO_TRIGGER_CONFIG yaml no no Configuration in YAML. If not present, falls back to GITREPO_TRIGGER_CONFIG_PATH
GITREPO_TRIGGER_CONFIG_PATH path no no Path to the configuration YAML file
PIPELINE_DEFINITION_URL url no yes URL of the pipeline-definition repository
GITLAB_PARENT_PROJECT string no yes Parent group of pipeline projects
GITLAB_URL url no yes URL of GitLab instance
GITLAB_TOKENS json no yes URL/environment variable pairs of GitLab instances and private tokens
GITLAB_TOKEN string yes yes GitLab private tokens as configured in GITLAB_TOKENS
CKI_DEPLOYMENT_ENVIRONMENT string no no Define the deployment environment (production/staging)
CKI_LOGGING_LEVEL string no no logging level for CKI modules, defaults to WARN; to get meaningful output on the command line, set to INFO
SENTRY_DSN url yes no Sentry DSN

Pipeline configuration YAML

Basic inheritance and defaults are modeled after the default and extends keywords in the GitLab CI/CD job descriptions can be used.

  • trigger configurations with a name starting with a dot (.) are not processed, but can be used for inheritance
  • the .default trigger configuration will be inherited by all trigger configurations
  • the configuration option .extends followed by a name or list of names specifies trigger configuration(s) to inherit from
  • configuration options with a name starting with a dot (.) are used to configure the trigger, but are NOT passed to the pipeline code as trigger variables

Supported configuration options

Next to variables that are passed through to the pipeline as trigger variables, certain configuration options are required by the git repo trigger.

Name Description
git_url kernel git repository
.branches branches in the kernel git repository
watch_url instead of the kernel git repository, trigger on changes in this git repository instead
watch_branch branches to watch
minimum_interval minimum time interval between created pipelines, e.g. 6 hours or 1 day
concurrency_limit maximum number of concurrently running pipelines
concurrency_group group filter for minimum_interval and concurrency_limit, see below
.report_rules serialized via JSON to report_rules trigger variable
cki_pipeline_project GitLab pipeline project
cki_pipeline_branch target branch in the GitLab pipeline project

By default, minimum_interval and concurrency_limit determine the previous pipelines the same way previously triggered pipelines for a commit are detected: by using a filter containing watch_url, watch_branch and package_name. To be able to limit the number of pipelines across multiple trigger configurations, a custom filter can be specified via concurrency_group. In that case, the default variable filter is not used.