Mirroring a centos-stream/tests/kernel into the VPN

How to set up mirorring of a repository in the centos-stream/tests/kernel group into the VPN

The location of the mentioned resources below can be found on the internal companion page.


Public repository

  1. Set up a public repository in the https://gitlab.com/redhat/centos-stream/tests/kernel group.
  2. Add an access token:
    • name: comment
    • access level: Guest
    • scope: api

Internal repository

  1. Create a matching internal repository on the internal GitLab instance.
  2. Add the CKI service account with Maintainer access.
  3. Add an access token:
    • name: mirror
    • access level: Maintainer
    • scope: write_repository

Deployment repository

  1. Take the commit from gitlab-ci-templates as a template, and adjust repository names and tokens.
  2. File a new merge request.