Targeted Testing for Brew/Koji Builds

Framework which will execute subsystem related testing for RPM scratch builds

Targeted testing via scratch builds in brew/koji is available to developers who wish to have their scratch builds tested, a brew/koji submitter can include a string test.cki.suffix in the NVR name to trigger the testing. String names can be used to mirror the layout of kpet-db for each kernel subsystem, e.g.

  • test.cki: Defaults to test.cki.kt1
  • test.cki.acpi: “ACPI subsystem tests”
  • test.cki.bpf: “BPF Kernel Self Tests”
  • test.cki.fs: “Filesystem subsystem tests”
  • test.cki.ipmi: “IPMI subsystem tests”
  • test.cki.kself: “Kernel Self Tests”
  • test.cki.kt0: KernelTier0 tests, smaller subset of kt1 tests used for gating brew builds
  • test.cki.kt1: KernelTier1 tests, Tier1 tests across all kernel subsystems
  • test.cki.mem: “Memory subsystem tests”
  • “Network subsystem tests”
  • test.cki.perf: “Perf subsystem tests”
  • test.cki.rdma: “RDMA subsystem tests”
  • test.cki.stor: “Storage/RDMA subsystem tests”
  • test.cki.wdt: “Watchdog driver tests (iTCO or wdat)”
  • test.cki.virt: “Virtualization subsystem tests”

Please check with CKI team to request additional test sets, updated sets are identified in kpet-db sets as listed in the main yaml.

To see which tests are generated, you can use the kpet CLI and use the --sets option, e.g.

kpet run generate \
    --arch x86_64 \
    --kernel "##KPG_URL##" \
    --tree rhel8 \
    --sets kt1

See KPET - Patch Testing for more details.

Steps to enable this feature for your scratch builds:

  1. submit a brew/koji task with the right NVR.

Some example NVRs:

  • kernel-4.18.0-129.el8.test.cki.bz1738631v1
  • kernel-3.10.0-862.40.1.el7.test.cki.41.1.00
  • kernel-3.10.0-1067.el7.kpq2.test.cki.kt1

The .test.cki[.set] part needs to follow the release. There are no other requirements on the position and helper strings (e.g. Bugzilla numbers) can be present both before and after it, like the above examples suggest.

Note: test-cki is supported by the CKI team as well, however actually building a kernel with it results in Illegal char '-' in: Release. Feel free to use this option if the build works for you or renaming is involved.

Last modified October 7, 2022: Document artifact storage (b3c3b24)