Parse the kernel owners.yaml file and print the responsible subsystems for kernel source files

The owners.yaml file can be found in the CentOS Stream kernel documentation repository.

usage: python3 -m cki_lib.owners [-h]
    [--owners-yaml OWNERS_YAML]
    [--owners-yaml-path OWNERS_YAML_PATH]
    [--output {json,text}]
    [files ...]

Print responsible subsystems for kernel source files

positional arguments:
  files                 kernel source files

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --owners-yaml OWNERS_YAML
                        contents of owners.yaml (default: env[OWNERS_YAML])
  --owners-yaml-path OWNERS_YAML_PATH
                        path of owners.yaml (default: env[OWNERS_YAML_PATH])

  --output {json,text}  output format (default: text)

Configuration via environment variables

Name Type Secret Required Description
OWNERS_YAML yaml no no Contents of owners.yaml in YAML. If not present, falls back to OWNERS_YAML_PATH
OWNERS_YAML_PATH path no no Path to owners.yaml
SENTRY_DSN url yes no Sentry DSN