Reporting KCIDB results

What KCIDB status values mean in the context of CKI, and how they can be influenced from Beaker/Restraint


The following figure shows the available KCIDB status values and the areas of concern for the non-successful values.

Result-status mapping

Where possible, Beaker/Restraint-based test code should be able to select the most appropriate KCIDB status value via the CLI tools provided by Restraint and the resulting Beaker XML file.

Selecting KCIDB status codes from a Restraint/Beaker task

Result Code
SKIP rstrnt-report-result / SKIP
DONE not available
PASS rstrnt-report-result / PASS or exit 0
MISS rstrnt-abort to skip subsequent tests
ERROR rstrnt-report-result / WARN
FAIL rstrnt-report-result / FAIL, exit 1 or Panic

More details and test cases can be found in the Background section.