Welcoming clang built kernels into CKI family

Up till now, CKI was only building kernels using gcc toolchains. This was the standard, especially in the Fedora and RHEL land we’re interacting with. However, we are happy to announce that this is no longer the case, and CKI now allows building upstream kernels using clang/llvm! 🎉🥳

We have already enabled mainline building and testing for x86_64, aarch64 and ppc64le. Both aarch64 and x86_64 are using the full LLVM toolchain (with LLVM=1), while ppc64le is compiled with CC=clang.

The results will be sent to the clangbuiltlinux mailing list and into the upstream kcidb database, which is currently available at Kernel CI’s staging dashboard.

What’s next?

We’ll be moving ppc64le to the full toolchain as soon as the updated versions required for it to work are available in Fedora, or kernel patches making it work with older toolchains are in place. We are also excited to include s390x into the family once it compiles with Fedora configurations.

Depending on our resources, we may be able to expand this configuration to other trees later on.