Triggering CKI tests for scratch builds

How to trigger CKI pipelines for Koji/Brew scratch builds


By default, scratch builds in Koji/Brew are not tested by CKI.

CKI testing for scratch builds can be triggered on a build-by-build basis by including a special string in the BUILDID.


  1. Determine the test set that you want to invoke from the sets key in the kpet-db index.yaml. Alternatively, install kpet and get the available test sets via

    kpet set list

    By default, the same test set as for other Koji/Brew builds (kt1) is used.

  2. Optionally, check that the expected tests are included in the test set {SET} for e.g. RHEL 8 by running

    kpet test list --tree rhel8 --sets {SET}
  3. Submit the build to Koji/Brew for CKI testing. To use the default test set, include the string .test.cki in the BUILDID after the release. A specific test set {SET} can be tested by using .test.cki.{SET}.

    As an example, using the Makefile from kernel-ark derived repositories, the default CKI test set can be triggered via

     make BUILDID=".test.cki" dist-srpm

    You should receive emails about the progress of the testing pipeline once your Koji/Brew build completes.