Get a list of DataWarehouse issues requiring attention

This helper script will go through the list of issues in DataWarehouse and print information about the ones that match any of the following conditions:

  • Last tagged checkout run more than $since time ago.
  • The ticket_url is linked to one of the known services (GitLab or Bugzilla) and it’s state is closed.
$ python3 -m cki.cki_tools.datawarehouse.issue_maintenance -h
usage: [-h] [OPTIONS]

  -h, --help     show this help message and exit
  --since SINCE  Show issues not linked to a checkout in this period of time (default: 4 weeks)
  --only-closed  Only show issues with a closed ticket (default: False)

Environment variables

Name Required Description
GITLAB_TOKENS yes URL/environment variable pairs of GitLab instances and private tokens
GITLAB_TOKEN yes GitLab private tokens as configured in GITLAB_TOKENS above
BUGZILLA_URL no URL to the Bugzilla instance. (Default
BUGZILLA_API_KEY yes API key for Bugzilla.
DATAWAREHOUSE_URL no URL to DataWarehouse. (Default
DATAWAREHOUSE_TOKEN yes Token for DataWarehouse.