Request For Comments

Procedure and documents discussed via the lightweight feedback mechanism

CKI-000: Request for Comments (RFC) template

Template to use for new CKI Requests for Comments

CKI-001: CKI feedback mechanism

Description of the process behind the CKI feedback mechanism based on Requests for Comments (RFCs)

CKI-002: DataWarehouse Authorization System

Architecture of the DataWarehouse data access authorization system

CKI-003: Reports recipients rules

Definition of the rules and how to evaluate them to compute the recipients for the CKI reports.

CKI-004: Service Level Objectives and error budgets

How reliable do we want our service to be and how do we get there

CKI-005: Pipeline artifact storage

Consistent approach for pipeline artifact storage

CKI-006: Retriggering MR pipelines

Enable the bot to retrigger pipelines from kernel repo merge requests

CKI-008: Manipulating KCIDB data in the pipeline

Deprecating the rc file in favor of using KCIDB data in the pipeline

CKI-009: CKI pipeline plan generation

Knowing the expected output of a CKI pipeline from the beginning

CKI-010: Tracking and planning

How to track both planned and unplanned work, and create a reliable milestone planning

Old Request for Comments

Old Request for Comments hosted on Google Drive (Red Hat Internal)