Celebrating success

How to celebrate a success from IRC


This is currently not possible as the Slack bot is missing the corresponding functionality.

A successful event includes anything that moves the CKI project ahead, especially things that make life better for CKI team members or our customers. It includes but is not limited to:

  • Software releases
  • Bug fixes
  • Performance improvements
  • Someone makes a huge mistake and then fixes it
  • People say nice (or mostly nice) things about the CKI project
  • We save someone some time
  • We find a kernel bug or a test bug
  • New functionality is added
  • Anything that makes you happy

You may find yourself asking: Is this worthy of a mention to the success bot?

If you ask yourself this question, the answer is yes. As Alfred Lloyd Tennyson once said:

Tis better to have noted success and lost, then never to have noted success at all.

The quote was something like that.


  1. Join #kernelci on Red Hat IRC

  2. Tell the CKI Slack bot (cki_bot) about it via its success command:

    cki_bot: success 🎉 By testing bpf-next, found a gcc dwarf generation bug 🎉
  3. The line you gave to the bot should now appear on the success page in the CEE GitLab instance.

    🎉 Success 🎉