Updating pipeline repositories

How to update the pipeline repositories


You want to update the GitLab CI/CD configuration in the Pipeline repositories.


In all independent refs in all pipeline repositories, the .gitlab-ci.yml file should be updated. This will require careful actions with commit --amend and git branch -f to modify the branches. It is possible to update the repository through fork and merge requests. However, it would be a lot of work for not much gain, as a description of the resulting merge commits still needs to be changed. In that case, it would be necessary to file one MR per branch, and then manually change all the descriptions when merging.

It is advisable to make the changes with a temporary access token for the cki-bot account. This will result in commits being authored by that account, reducing user confusion.

  • Create a temporary access token (only valid a couple of hours) for the cki-bot account. Credentials can be found in the credentials repository.

  • Update .git/config with a valid content.

    For example:

    [remote "origin"]
      url = url = https://cki-bot:token@gitlab.com/redhat/red-hat-ci-tools/kernel/cki-internal-pipelines/cki-trusted-contributors.git
      fetch = +refs/heads/*:refs/remotes/origin/*
    [branch "main"]
      remote = origin
      merge = refs/heads/main
      rebase = true
      name = CKI Bot
      email = 3953733-cki-bot@users.noreply.gitlab.com
  • Clone the repository that you want to update via something like

    git clone git@gitlab.com:redhat/red-hat-ci-tools/kernel/cki-internal-pipelines/cki-trusted-contributors.git
  • Create a file update_pipelines.sh with the following content and make it executable:

    set -euo pipefail
    git fetch --all -j 4 --prune
    git checkout main
    readarray -t branches < <(git branch -r --format '%(refname:short)' | grep -v '^origin/HEAD$')
    for branch in "${branches[@]}"; do
        echo "${branch}"
            git branch --track --force "${branch##*/}" "${branch}"
            git checkout "${branch##*/}"
            git reset --hard "${branch}"
        ) &> /dev/null
        if ! cmp -s .gitlab-ci.yml .gitlab-ci.template.yml; then
            cp .gitlab-ci.template.yml .gitlab-ci.yml
            git diff
            git commit -a --amend --no-edit --reset-author
            # git push origin --force
  • Copy .gitlab-ci.yml to .gitlab-ci.template.yml, and modify it with the required changes.

  • Execute the update_pipelines.sh script.

  • Once you’ve verified that the changes are applied as expected, uncomment the git push line and re-execute the script.

  • Pipelines for merge requests should run on refs that are identical to the main branch. For all such refs, use something like the following to reset them back to the main branch:

    for ref in rhel6 rhel7 rhel8; do git push origin --force main:$ref; done