Create MRs of changed data in Grafana instances

The underlying functionality is implemented in cki.deployment_tools.grafana.

Environment variables

Field Type Required Description
GRAFANA_URL string yes Grafana instance URL
GRAFANA_TOKEN string yes Grafana secret token
GITLAB_PROJECT_URL string yes Git repo URL without protocol
GITLAB_FORK_URL string yes URL of the fork of the Git repo without protocol
GITLAB_TOKEN string yes GitLab private token with access to the Git repo
BRANCH_NAME string yes Branch name in the fork of the git repo
GRAFANA_DATA_DIR string yes Directory in the git repo to hold the Grafana data
GIT_USER_NAME string yes Git user name
GIT_USER_EMAIL string yes Git user email

Changes need to be backwards-compatible as this script is also used by the OSCI and TFT teams at!