igrab.py kernel maintainer tool

General information regarding third-party tooling.

What is igrab?

I’m gonna go grab some testcase data == igrab

igrab is a command-line python tool to make the retrieval of testing results easier for kernel maintainers.

Currently, a standard workflow for a kernel maintainer is to translate from dist git –> brew –> retrieve nvr/taskID –> OSCI –> open tabs from CKIDB/OSCIartifacts. It is also necessary to confirm you are investigating the correct build(s), identify testcase names and investigate build logs, console logs, task logs and test logs.

igrab achieves the same workflow with the execution of igrab -n $NVR --verbose which prints out the testcase names, URLs, and endpoint references so that you always know what you’re looking at, all the time.

How does this relate to Datawarehouse?

igrab leverages the (currently unstable) GraphQL endpoint, which, in itself sources testing events for supported artifacts from the UMB. The GraphQL endpoint consumes test results across Koji/Brew, Dist-Git, Greenwave, WaiverDB & ResultsDB, making it easy to gather a collection of data that is associated with a single NVR.