Kernel configs for upstream kernels

Upstream kernels are built using the latest available Fedora kernel configurations from Rawhide. This allows us to build and test kernels with a common set of kernel configurations that are widely used.

If kernel selftests are being compiled for a kernel, make kselftest-merge target is added on top of the Fedora configuration.

Generating configs

The script for Fedora config retrieval can be found in the cki-tools repository. The configs are uploaded to S3 lookaside storage to be readily available for usage in the pipelines.

Configs for local usage

The uploaded configs are NOT supposed to be used by end users for retriggers or local testing as they are only a base and not the final configuration. An extra config target (usually olddefconfig) is defined per-pipeline to handle any dangling options, optionally followed by the already mentioned kselftest-merge target. Always use the config file linked in the appropriate pipeline!