CKI for kernel developers

Start here if you are a kernel developer

Onboarding a kernel tree

How to enable testing for a new kernel tree

Testing for kernel merge requests on GitLab

Workflow and features for testing GitLab Merge Requests

Kernel Patch Evaluated Testing

Framework which will execute targeted testing based on changes introduced in the patch

Targeted Testing for Brew/Koji Builds

Framework which will execute subsystem related testing for RPM scratch builds

Targeted tests for merge requests

Tests that are run when specific kernel source files are updated.

What tests will run for my kernel ?

Test stages across a kernel’s life cycle

Code coverage

How to enable code coverage for kernel builds.

CKI pipeline configuration options

Reproducing and debugging kernel builds

How to reproduce or debug kernel builds done in the CKI pipeline

Last modified March 14, 2022: Add information how to update y-stream composes (49cfa43)